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LifeCare Malawi Foundation (LCMF) is a non-profit organization (NGO) established in 2015 to support the Government of Malawi, and the nation in general, in improving the living conditions of poor and vulnerable citizens. LCMF focuses on creating community based programs in rural communities to bridge existing gaps in education provision, food security, and health services, especially among children, girls, the elderly, and people living with HIV-AIDS.

LCMF focuses on building capacity of rural communities to implement sustainable community based education, agricultural, and health projects that promote gender equality and improve household incomes for poor families.


Children are often helpless victims of poverty and disaster and yet they will be future leaders to shape Malawi and the world at large. We strive to put God’s love into action by fighting for the survival and personal development of Malawi’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged citizens, regardless of their tribal, religious, or political affiliation.


A nation in which every child has a holistic support system that includes sustainable food security, healthy nutrition, and a safe, nurturing place to call home with the opportunity to achieve their potential through education.



Join us on the journey to creating futures for vulnerable Malawians.