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Community members are trained in fruit andvegetable gardening that produces food throughout the year at theirhousehold level. This is through hands on training at the demonstrationgarden. Kitchengardenproduce from the households are sold to thedemonstration garden office once in a month. LCMF salesboth fruit and vegetables from the farmers and demonstration garden to theestablished markets such as schools, supermarkets and other institutions. This improves food security at the household level, income, and nutrition status of the families in the communities. (Agribusiness; 70% women vs 30% men). The goal of demonstration gardens is to improve food security at the household level while helping vulnerable groups in rural communities to generate income and enhance the nutrition status of children andpregnant women.LifeCare Malawi trains vulnerable small-scale and subsistencefarmers to grow fruits and vegetables for food and income generation.LCMF conducts hands on-training in food farming and provides farm inputssuch as fertilizers, water canes, hoes, water pipes, and other farmingequipment. Further LCMF assists farmers package the farm products and toidentify established markets at schools and supermarkets for sell of excessproduce.



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